Have you ever tried to explain to a non-techie how software development works in GitHub (with the concepts of fork, branch, pull request, merge,…)?. Not easy. To be honest, it is not that trivial to understand for a programmer either.

But this is what we needed to do as part of our participation in the JAM’17 conference, where we led the discussions around the democracy in open source projects and the governance model that the community (including everybody: users, contributors, funders,…) wanted to put in place to make decisions around the Decidim project (Decidim is a participatory democracy framework originally developed for the Barcelona City government online and offline participation website and now being used in a number of other cities and organizations).

To help everybody understanding where in a Github-based development process decisions should be made and the relevance of each decision, my colleague Javier Cánovas prepared the following infographic. Just to be clear, the goal was to make it as easy as possible to understand so we opted to highlight a simple development process, we are aware a real development process can be much more complex than this but you don’t probably want to scare your audience at the very beginning!.GitHub-based development process


(click on the image to download it with a a higher resolution)

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