The Role of Foundations in Open Source Projects

A number of Open-Source Systems (OSS) have created parallel foundations, as legal instruments to better articulate the structure, collaboration and financial model for the project. We study over 80 foundations to analyze the impact they have on the open source projects the foundations aim to help.

3 tools to visualize your GitHub profile

Like it or not, the first thing any recruiter will look at (just after googling your name) is your GitHub Profile. See how you can optimize the visualization of your GitHub profile to prepare it for job seeking

Repairnator: a program repair bot for Travis

The Repairnator project is a project to design, implement and operate a repair bot for continuous integration. After a test failure, it gets the corresponding commit, runs the best-of-breed program repair tools, and suggests a patch to the developer as a pull request on Github

WordPress – A Content-Management System to Democratize publishing

Given its importance, WordPress deserved to have a dedicated impact column in the IEEE Software magazine. IEEE Software‘s mission is to be the best source of reliable, useful, peer-reviewed information for leading software practitioners. The goal of these impact columns is to develop a better quantitative understanding of software’s impact on different industries. As such, the goal of the column is not just to describe a specific software product but to provide some insights on how the software is being developed and some metrics that help to assess its impact.

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